Custom painted stilo ST5

‘This is custom paint. From 2024 we will also be offering a more cost effective race paint service’


We took a bit of a break from painting in October, just to recharge and concentrate on a few other projects. As we were about to start again in November the opportunity arose to move into our new workshop and everyone we needed was available to do the work inside the unit to get it up and running.


Thankfully we are now back to painting all be it slowly. We had to commission a new spray booth and get used to working in a new setting which slowed things up, but everything is now back up and running and we are all set for 2024.


The first helmet out of the new workshop is this Stilo ST5 which is fully custom painted. That means that everything is airbrushed and has been done in paint, there are no stickers, no transfers and no wraps used in the creation of this paint job other than for masking purposes.


This is pure old school custom paint. It is a bit more expensive. But we like to think of each one as an individual work of art. A lot of thought has to go into the design when every element has to be masked off and painted over then removed. It is a time consuming process.


Custom paint is a great option for road, show and four wheel competition where a helmet is less likely to encounter road or gravel damage.


For our two wheeled customers, especially those that race, we have some exciting and cost effective news for 2024.


We are introducing race paint.

What is race paint?

Race Paint is a combination of decals and custom paint. It is what most Moto GP riders have on their crash helmets today and its the same in BSB, WSB and in some cases F1 as well. Personally I would recommend race paint over custom paint if you are racing on two wheels, open car or kart. Due to the difference in cost between race and custom paint, it will “hurt” less if your race painted helmet takes a heavy stone chip as opposed to your custom painted helmet!


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