Shoei X-Spirit 3 Gloss White


The Shoei X-spirit 3 is the choice of champions. Perfect for paint it allows us to create some great designs. We try not to be beaten on price for full customs or plain helmets so get in touch with us directly if you have seen a better deal. We cant promise to beat it but we will promise to try.

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Shoei X-Spirit 3 – Gloss White

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 is an authentic racing helmet. Premium specification engineering resulting in ultimate race performance. The Shoei X-Spirit III has been completely re-freshed from its predecessor, the X-Spirit II, to incorporate a stepped ventilation orientated profile, as streamlined as possible, plus the addition of a brand new and highly-tested rear spoiler. The large spoiler increases air flow and brings turbulence to a minimum, using upgradable wing inserts to tailor to your particular riding style. The X-Spirit 3 is fitted with an improved double lock visor mechanism with extra Vortex Generators around the edge to reduce the chatter that can occur at speed from swirling air pockets at the visor rim and its mechanism. The chin bar has been moulded with a more aggressive shape, designed to enable you to neatly tuck into the race position, with a minimal neck roll silhouette while remaining at the very forefront of safety technology. The 6-layer AIM Plus multi fibre shell, and the Emergency Quick Release System remains for the removable cheek pads, as does the multiple density EPS layer. These combine to form the very highest safety level achievable in motorcycle sport. 



6 layers AIM+ Shell Construction
Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity

EPS-liner system with different densities
EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels ensure maximum protection

Double Lock CWR-F visor system
Tear-Off and Pinlock sheet can be installed

Emergency Quick Release System

Comfort and Fitting

4 different outer shell construction
For perfect fit and compact dimensions 1) XS-S 2)M 3)L 4)XL-XXL

Modular Interior
Adjustable position and size for optimal vision and fitting

Quick drying fabric

Chinstrap cover, Centerpa & Cheekpads detachable, washable
Easy to maintain and clean


Multiple venting and extraction
For optimum ventilation performance

Three inlets at the upper head, brow area and chin
Fresh air supply at the top

Aerodynamic & Design

Multiple Spoilers and Tubulators
For optimised aero dynamical performance

  • Ultimate race helmet for pure sports riding
  • Redesigned spoiler for optimal aerodynamic performance
  • AIM+ Shell in 4 shell sizes
  • Re-aligned ventilation for maximum airflow
  • 6 intake vents at crown, brow and chin
  • 6 exhaust vents at spoiler and rear
  • Cheek vents for cooling under pressure
  • Adjustable crown padding for personalised fit and vision
  • Sized cheek pads available for personalised comfort
  • Optional narrow rear wings
  • Pinlock included
  • Emergency Quick Release System
  • Quick dry interior for race comfort
  • Multiple density EPS

This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor as Standard. 



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