Manx grand prix

X-Paint calls the Isle of Man home, so it is only natural that we paint Helmets for the MGP.


Local racer Paul Cassidy from Island Fuels kept us busy with a last minute design for the race. He gave us a brand new Arai RX-7, and a design brief .to create a Manx version of the Maverick Top Gun helmet design made famous by Tom Cruise in the film of the same name.


We had to use hot pink neon in the design and although the finished article looks quite clean and straightforward it was actually quite a tricky design to complete.


Everything on the helmet is either painted or airbrushed we don’t use any decals in our paintwork, we stick to old school custom paint techniques.


As with all our designs we focussed on Pauls job from start to finish, we dont run a production line each helmet takes up 100% of our focus for the duration of the work required. 


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