Ferrari Bell HP6 Carbon Race Helmet

‘We never know where the next job is coming from at X-Paint, this one took us by surprise!’


After a “testing” first year painting helmets on the Isle of Man, the time came to reward myself with a new bike. When I stumbled upon Hadleigh’s Indian Bobber custom online, I knew it was the one for me.


As it turned out Hadleigh races a Ferrari and was in the market for a new helmet paint job. So not only did I receive a great deal on the bike, but the deal also included some work for me to do.


So In return, I wanted to do something special for him. Being a Ferrari racer, we decided to create a design that pays homage to the brand. Working with exposed carbon was no easy feat, but with patience and precision, we crafted a design that pushed the boundaries.


Our customer, Hadleigh, gave us the freedom to work diligently without any pressure or rush. Which is just as well as when working with specialised finishes such as anodised and candy apple red there is little or no room for error and patience is the order of the day.


At the instruction of the team to keep the surprise intact, we even had to tell a little white lie when he asked for a progress report. But the moment when Sandown Motorsports presented the helmet to him at Silverstone on a race weekend made it all worth it.


If you’re searching for a race-winning workshop, look no further than Sandown Motorsports in Surrey. Their engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art paint shop will leave you in awe. The quality of finish we witnessed there was truly top-notch.

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