‘ ‘X-Paint recently completed this design on a Shoei JO helmet that we also supplied new to the customer.


At X-Paint we don’t use decals or stickers for our finished product, we only use them to mask with. We have been painting helmets for a very long time and firmly believe that if you are paying for custom paint then that is what you should get. Old School traditional airbrushed paintwork.


All of our names, numbers, logo’s and artwork are airbrushed in paint. It doesnt matter if it is a custom helmet for display or a race helmet for the weekend we take the same approach to every job that we undertake.


Is it more time consuming? Yes. But we believe the benefits out way the extra effort. Every one of our helmets comes with a billiard ball finish as you would expect from a custom painted helmet. Run your hand over an X-Paint helmet and you will not feel any ridges where paint meets vinyl, the helmets are completely smooth and the finish is second to none.


Our work stands the test of time and we believe the quality speaks for itself. 


 As with all our designs we focussed on this job from start to finish, we don’t run a production line each helmet takes up 100% of our focus for the duration of the work required. 


Contact us directly for a price on a new Shoei helmet for either race or show, or to discuss your next paintwork design.




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