Bell MOTO 10

‘X-Paint recently had the honour of painting a new design for David Knight MBE.


The “Knighter” recently asked us to re-invent his classic Dukes of Hazard helmet design in a manner more fitting of the age in which we now live. He gave us a brand new Bell Moto 10 Carbon helmet and a design brief to create a Manx version of the Dukes of Hazard design.


David had a really clear idea of how he wanted the helmet to look and gave us a detailed brief with all of the elements that he wanted included in the design. We hadto include the three legs of man, children’s names, a gold star for each world championship, the nickname and his number. We also had to save some of the  original carbon which is always easier said than done.


Everything on the helmet is either painted or airbrushed we don’t use any decals in our paintwork, we stick to old school custom paint techniques. So there was a fair bit of masking involved in this design


As with all our designs we focussed on David’s job from start to finish, we don’t run a production line each helmet takes up 100% of our focus for the duration of the work required. 


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